Friday, June 10, 2005

A Baal Teshuvah's Realization

This is copied from an old post I wrote and a great link that's right up this blog's alley.

Ok, this is an amazing post, really cool. I myself was raised frum from birth (very frum) and from about 19-21 had a major religious identity crisis. I used to ask Baal Teshuvah's all the time why are you becoming frum, I always got the same answer, I don't know, they just felt drawn, like they were missing that "feeling" that being spiritual gives. Feeling close to G-d, and having been drawn to "it"

I Myself flirted with various paths and levels of religion, often leaning to what I like to call, "very extremely slightly modern orthodox" at some point, and then eventually became "a frum from birth bal teshuvah" myself, and came to the point I am now and have been for almost ten years.

This guy writes a post on his transformation into an orthodox Jew. It's a great post. Read it!

Did you ever wake up and realize that you’ve become an Orthodox Jew?

I found this blog via here (good job digging!)

Original Life-of-Rubin post here


Anonymous said...

"a frum from birth bal teshuvah" -(FFB-BT) that's an interesting term and concept in itself. We need a nomenclature for Jews who were raised frum, left, and returned. The prodigal sons and daughters, as it were.

Chaim said...

I shoudl copyright that phrase no? Maybe I should add it ti Wiki