Monday, August 08, 2005

The J-Blogosphere is Our Community

I spent a few minutes considering what I wanted to write about. There were numerous paths to take, discussions about Rashi's yahrzheit, more about the disengagement, a drash on any number of topics and of course Tisha B'Av.

But the more I think about it the more I want focus on something that I find meaningful and positive. I want to focus on the community that is continuing to develop among the Jewish Blogosphere. I want to celebrate with you the bonds that we are forging among people who we might not ever encounter.

I want to sing about the opportunity to meet and interact with Jews of all backgrounds because I find that to be very special. It is nice to explore and learn with you all. It is so interesting to glimpse pieces of your worlds because some of you live lives that I can only imagine. I don't have any friends who live among the Satmars, the Lubavitch or Chassidus in general.

I can look at Reform, Conservative, MO, and beyond and see people I know. I have been privileged to spend Shabbos with many different groups and it has been fascinating to me. We share so much in common, the roots go back to the same place, but the way in which they branch out provides so many differences.

There are times in which the words from my keyboard in an easy free flowing manner that is simple yet eloquent. I wish that this evening was one of those times because I really do feel strongly about this. However my abba taught me to play the hand that I am dealt and I will continue to speak from my heart, convoluted or not.

What I really want to say is that even in spite of the anguish some of us feel about the disengagement and the uncertainty we feel about this and that there is still much to celebrate. My hope and desire is that in the years to come we are able to use this venue to grow stronger and to continue to learn together.

Please be well and may we all continue on in strength and good health.



PsychoToddler said...

Agreed and well-said, Jack.

I've 'met' some wonderful people in the past year. Maybe helped to build some bridges.

fsgsf said...

Great post. Great blog. May you have much continued Hatzlacha!!

NJ from NJ

Jack Steiner said...

Building bridges is important.

torontopearl said...

"Building bridges is important."

Jack, you're so right; after all, this blog is entitled THE JEWISH CONNECTION.


amen kain yeha ratzon

callieischatty said...

well said

Bkbuds said...

For an assimilated Jew with a spotty education (no Hebrew, no Yiddish, and what's Tisha B'av?) blogs like this are invaluable. I learn a lot. With luck and persistence, I can avoid the mistakes my parents made and my kids will have a firmer grasp of their faith than I do.

Blogs like this say "we haven't given up on you" to people like me, and that's refreshing.

Have a great Tisha B'av, whatever it is.