Saturday, August 13, 2005


"Eicha Yashva Badad Ha'ir Rabati Am"

How is it that the city, once so full of people, sits alone?

Every year I have sat on the floor in Shul, and listened to the Rabbi wail these words. And they have drifted over and past me, and not made an impression.

Yet this year they will have more meaning.

The once-vibrant settlements of Gush Katif are becoming ghost towns before our eyes. Jews are being forced to leave, and their homes destroyed. Yes, this has happened before. This is what we mourn on Tisha B'av.

I always thought of it in an abstract way. I never thought I would see it with my own eyes.

Perhaps once I thought some good would come of it. But I don't believe it anymore. I hear our enemies declare: Jerusalem is next!

On Passover, I too said, "Next year in Jerusalem."

Today is Tisha B'av. Cry for Jerusalem. And cry for Gush Katif as well.