Monday, July 25, 2005

Color Me Disappointed

This may come across as being obnoxious, but I am a little disappointed in the lack of comments here. Primarily because I was excited about the opportunity to try and exchange thoughts and ideas with a diverse group of people, Jews of different backgrounds and experience.

I just thought that it might be a good place for learning more.


Anonymous said...

Hi... Don't worry. People are reading. But you know how it goes.... If you say, "Somebody SAY SOMETHING!" nobody has anything to say.

Jack Steiner said...


That is all fine and well, but the point I am making is that I want to engage in a discussion, not a lecture. And right now that is how it feels. I am trying to find out what can be done to change that.

PsychoToddler said...

Talk less listen more.

Uhhh, did I say that out loud?

elf's DH said...

Your blog is barely 2 months old. If you look at your visit counter, you'll find that you're definitely being read... and that's half the battle.

Most readers will never comment. There's nothing you can do about that, except try to gain more readers.

You don't allow anonymous comments, so you're shutting out non-Blogger users.

You might consider installing trackback. Although most people ignore it althogether, it might give you some idea if you're starting discussions elsewhere.

Summaries of other people's blogs are unlikely to elicit comments. You'll just direct comments to other people's blogs.

People crave controversy and are more likely to comment if they disagree. But, controversy also attracts nut-jobs into the comment pages.

People are more likely to visit/remember (and comment on) blogs with frequent updates, but frequent updates tend to make the individual posts less thoughtful.

Commenting on other people's blogs draws readers, comments, and discussion to yours.

Not sure if there's anything else I can say. I am pretty new to the blogosphere, trying not to experience blog-overload.

PsychoToddler said...


For a newbie you summed it up pretty well.

Jack if you want more comments, you need to let the posts sit up at the top more. People don't want to scroll down 5 or 6 screens to find an old post and check comments.

Jack Steiner said...

The problem with that argument is that some of these things sat for days and there was no response.

Granted there have been times where it has been very active and this has not been the case, but we do have both sides here.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You just let me start commenting!!!!