Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bigotry In Our Community

I haven't the time or the energy right now to give this post the attention it deserves, but I cannot not say something.

A short time ago there was a Gay rights parade in Yerushalayim. During the parade a very sick individual stabbed three people.

In the time that has elapsed since that event I have seen a number of posts around the blogosphere in which people have tried to justify and or minimize the stabbing.

This is wrong. It is hurtful, hateful and full of the worst that we have to offer.

Each day I see things that I disagree with. I see people engaged in behavior that I think is wrong, but I don't go and try to murder those I disagree with. The overwhelming majority of people do not engage in violence based upon disagreements with others.

This shameful behavior must not be condoned or tolerated. It is not a matter of saying that you think that homosexual behavior is a chillul Hashem. It is not a matter of saying that you think that this is so terrible your children should not be exposed to it.

There are many ways of protesting such actions and activities that do not involve sick and degrading behavior like stabbing others. When we make excuses for people who do this we demean ourselves.

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Lyss said...

I agree that trying to justify it is awful. After all, about 60 years ago in Europe someone would've stabbed one of us simply for being Jewish. No parade needed.