Thursday, July 03, 2008

The "Take 1 On" Mitzvah Campaign.

I'm starting a new campaign in honor of the Rebbe's Yartzeit, which falls out on Sunday July 6th this year. I'm hoping everyone in the Jewish Blogosphere will join in and post and pass this around.

You don't have to take this on in honor of the
Rebbe's Yartzeit, if you want to take this on for any other reason feel free to do so. Summer is here and the 3 weeks are almost upon us. This is a time when tragedy seem to always be on the rise. Just take yesterdays Terror attack in Eretz Yisroel.

Often we feel as though there is little we can do, I say here is a chance for us all to do something. It doesn't matter why you decide to do it, just do it.

The campaign is to encourage everyone to take on one Mitzvah. Even if it's a Mitzvah you already do, maybe this can be an opportunity to spend a little more time thinking about it when you do it.

When I was about 20 years old I was going through a hard time spiritually. At the time I was around a lot of Baal Teshuvahs and it was through their excitement for the seemingly more basic concepts in Judaism, that I was able to find more own inspiration. At that time I decided to take on a Mitzvah that I'd make sure I do with Kavana and do it right. That Mitzvah was Mezuzah. Something I'm sure many of forget about it or just do in rote. We end up doing everything, but without the proper Kavanah.

This is a chance to take upon one thing and give it the attention it deserves.

It's my hope that everyone will leave a comment below listing their name (It doesn't have to be a real name) and which Mitzvah they choose.I encourage all Bloggers to post this on their own blogs and ask for the same thing. I'd love to have a really long list and we can all look at and be proud that we were able to use this blogging medium for something positive and inspirational.

Here is just a list of possible things, in case someone is looking for ideas.
  • Mezuzah
  • Make Brachas more Clearly
  • Give Tzedakah before Candle Lighting
  • Start Attending a local Shiur
  • Learn more with your Children
  • Pirush Hamilos (definition of words in Davening)
  • Krias Shma Al Hamita (Shema b/f bedtime)
  • Asher Yatzar (Blessing after using restroom)
  • Shmiras Halashon
  • Tznius
If you don't want to leave a comment please feel free to email me so I can add your name and the Mitzvah to the list. is my e-mail address.

Thank you everyone and I hope through this we can bring some much needed light into the world.

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